Saturday, February 28, 2009

Easter Table Top Quilt

This 24 inch square table top quilt displays easter eggs and easter bunnies!
Cost of pattern - $8.50

Leprechaun Table Runner

This table runner is sure to bring you luck as it displays two bearded leprechauns and a lucky shamrock!

Cost of pattern - $8.50

Snowman Table Runner

This runner will complete your table throughout the cold weather season!

Cost of pattern - $8.00

Snow Buddies

This pillow features a happy trio of rosy cheek snowmen adorned with warm winter apparel.

Cost of pattern - $8.00

Christmas Countdown!

"To count the days all you need is 24 little red beads. Atop the tree the star will stay for now it is Christmas Day!"

This unique advent calendar features 24 red beads that you slide across a ribbon. Watch in anticipation for Christmas day as the star gets closer to finding its place atop the tree!

Cost of pattern - $8.00

Optional Embellishment package - $2.50 (depending upon availability)
(includes 24 red beads, 1 large star button for the advent calendar; 4 small jingles bells, 6 small red beads, 5 small star buttons for the tree.)

All hearts come home for Christmas

This sentimental pillow will remind you of those good old fashioned Christmas memories.

Cost of pattern - $8.00

Star light . . . Star bright . . .

"Star light, star bright, I wish for warm mittens tonight!"

This adorable snowman sporting earmuffs, a scarf, and mittens is ready for winter!

Cost of pattern - $8.00

Thanksgiving Turkey

"For every feather that you see count a blessing given thee"

This plump turkey is not for eating! But it's sure cute to look at and is a great way to help you remember to "count your blessings" during the Thanksgiving holiday!

Cost of pattern - $8.00

Jack - O - Lantern Pumpkin

This jolly Jack- O - Lantern shaped pillow complete with a twisty vine will give a unique look to your Halloween decor.
Cost of pattern - $8.00

Witches Brew!

"Spiders, ghosts, and goblins too . . . all in my witches brew! Beware! A spell I cast on all who through this door shall pass!"
This catchy witch and her spell is great to display as you welcome all your guests for Halloween!

Cost of pattern - $8.00

Halloween Delight!

This pillow pattern shows a trio of halloween symbols that really pop out at you as they are stitched on black fabric. Complete with spider webs and spiders, this pillow is sure to add the perfect touch to your Halloween decor.
Cost of pattern - $8.00